Well, the wait is almost over. A large part of the general insurance market will this week, make its way to ExCeL for the BIBA Conference – but what will be on their minds, what will be the key things that the delegates will want to address? Speaking with our clients they are of course keen to use the event as a platform to build stronger relationships, engage better with their clients and secure more business, but what about those that don’t make the trip to E16, do they miss out, or do they feel that they don’t need to be there? How does the content and the ‘buzz’ of the Conference get transmitted beyond the halls of BIBA 2013 – is enough work undertaken to highlight and engage with a wider audience?

Lots of questions and I guess many of the answers will only come to light on Thursday afternoon and the weeks to come. What we have seen however is an increased awareness of the effort needed to use BIBA as only a stepping stone in the engagement process and not to forget that the same messages apply to those who don’t attend as those who do.

My colleagues will be out and about at the Conference taking soundings from brokers, insurers and other delegates to see their thoughts on the key issues, so if you see them and have something to say, speak up!

The first of the team are already onsite at BIBA, with more due to arrive during the day – hitting over 40 in total, to help clients make the most of their investment in attending – so if you are attending, we hope it does live up to your expectations and if you’re not making the journey see how hard the exhibitors work to get their message to you!


Martin Wiggins, Managing Director

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photo credit: philstephenrichards via photopin cc