With just over 2 months until the FERMA Forum in Maastricht, the team are celebrating having been appointed by FERMA to work with them to produce and distribute video content. This will include filming some of the planned sessions with the views of the speakers, who are amongst the most reputed thinkers in their chosen fields, interviews and opinions with FERMA's senior board/council members (not sure what they are called), plus the delegates and exhibitors. We will be getting their views about the issues facing the market, the knowledge they have gained and the value from meeting their peers at the Forum.

As well as providing information and insight to those attending the Forum itself, there will be regular news releases and content posted on the FERMA website and made available to everyone - making sure that as wide an audience as possible is able to benefit from the Forum.

photo credit: Tiago Cassol Schvarstzhaupt via photopin cc