HALLOWEEN: Exhibitions - what keeps our clients awake at night?

Eric: That they won't get enough value out of the exhibition

Planning exhibitions can be a nightmare. Fears of not standing out from the crowd or not being ready on time are scary thoughts for our clients, but their biggest concern is always return on investment.

How do we fight these demons?

  1. Stand attractions Incorporating an engaging reason to visit your stand will significantly impact the number of guests and prospects to your area, leave a lasting impression, and thus maximise business leads. Some of our most popular attractions include drinks receptions, games, and celebrity guests.

  3. Integrated strategy Get the most out of your exhibition investment by ensuring that your attendance is known. It sounds simple, but is often overlooked. Let people know where to find you, using the channels that they will be using – email, social media, and website.

  5. Think ‘Pre – During – Post’ It’s easy to get carried away planning your stand and activity on the day, but this omits the vital preparation and follow-up communication periods, which risks wasting any valuable networking that takes place during the exhibition. Be sure to keep your audience informed and engaged in the lead-up to the exhibition, make the most of networking opportunities during, and send a note to catch up afterwards.


For more detail on how we can ensure you leave your exhibition with more than cobwebs, email esanchez@brandformula.co.uk.