HALLOWEEN: Creative - what keeps our clients awake at night?

Nick: That their brand lacks personality

Your brand is the way your clients and the market perceive you, so it’s no wonder that our clients are haunted by what their brand may be saying – or not saying - about them. After all, nobody wants a bland brand.

Here’s how we make sure your personality shines through your branding:

  1. Know what you stand for Establish a brand proposition. What is at the heart and soul of what you promise to deliver?

  3. Stand out from the crowd Getting noticed in a competitive market isn’t easy, but it is imperative to create a recognisable identity. The keys to achieving this are to know what sets you apart from competitors, and build your brand innovatively around it.

  5. Stay on brand Now that you have a brand, stay there! Consistent messaging across all platforms is key to maintaining a recognisable brand personality.


For further tips on making sure your brand screams personality, call our creative team on 020 7265 7880.