HALLOWEEN: Consultancy - what keeps our clients awake at night?

Bina: That marketing is not taken seriously within their organisation

The biggest nail in our clients’ coffins is that, as a marketing manager or team, they are not taken seriously by the rest of the company. This makes it a constant struggle to get the required budget and sign-off to produce a marketing plan that will make a difference.

Here are our top tips for gaining the attention of your organisation:

  1. Understand clients The London Market can be a complicated one to get your head around, and marketing teams are usually one step removed from the client. This is where we come in, to combine our experience in the sector with our experience in marketing, in order to prove that your activity can generate real leads.

  3. Measure against clear objectives If you set realistic and relevant goals, your company will understand your strategy. If you can meet these aims and measure your success against them, you will be taken seriously.

  5. Make a difference to your company’s bottom line The best way to be taken seriously as a marketer within your organisation? Make some money! If you can prove your value, your company will value you. And we can help you achieve this.

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