Airmic 2013 begins.

Well as another week begins with everyone hoping for more sunshine, the team from brandformula have been hard at work since yesterday morning for clients attending the Conference in Brighton.

A huge amount of effort has gone into the preparation for the event by all clients as they continue to push forward developments and new ideas that add further value to the clients attending. We have seen a real increase this year in connected thinking - developing plans and activity that span more than the few days of the Conference, and I think that is a huge step forward. Lots of impact items and activity - and yes there is ice cream!

Overall, I think it looks as though the level of thinking and investment has increased since last year and that is a good sign - especially for the Risk Managers attending and the competition for their business is a keen as ever, with a strong message of 'working together' rather than 'throwing' things at one another the order of the day.

Let me know your thoughts of Airmic 2013.


Martin Wiggins, Managing Director

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photo credit: zilverbat. via photopin cc