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Everyone is going South – well to AMRAE at least!

brandformula updatesadmin

Over the weekend, the ‘dedicated few’ – well the ‘dedicated rather a lot’ actually, left for the trip to Cannes for AMRAE 2015.

Following the success of our work last year, we are taking over 30 in the team to help support clients make the most from their time and investment at AMRAE this year. Ranging from branding and design, through to exhibition booths, engagement ideas to digital and social media support, our team is really there to make a difference! And we're all looking forward to - well not really, working through from Midnight on Monday to 8.00am on the Wednesday - where is that coffee?

If you are going to the event – look out for the team and their work. If not, don’t worry, we’ll let you know how it went later in the month.

photo credit: Casino fireworks via photopin (license)