With the annual pilgrimage to the BIBA Conference only a few weeks away, the final touches are being put to plans - are the hotels booked, do we have enough guests attending our drinks, is that stand OK? But rarely does it seem that the same level of detail and attention is given to actually measuring the results of all of that effort. I am not suggesting that everyone doesn't measure - some of our clients are very much focused on the cost and the return for their time and budget, but for those that don't here are a few easy thoughts as to how you might start the process.

Why Measure?

Firstly it will help justify your investment - showing that the money was well spent and giving you a platform to increase the spend for next year. Helping you make the decision that perhaps the event isn't for you - not all shows are alike, so understanding the 'winners' for you is critical. Highlight what you need to change for next time. We stress to clients that it is as much about what you do before and after the event as what takes place at the show. Don't rely on the 'build it and they will come' model! Put your best people forward. People often see exhibitions as a 'jolly' and want to attend - but often they aren't the right people with the right skills. Measurement allows you to establish who should attend and for what reasons.

So, have a great time at BIBA 2013 - I hope it is a great success for you. There is still plenty of time to start the process of 'measurement' - but keep it simple to begin with and get all of the team onboard with it - brief them as to why you are doing it.

See you at ExCeL!


Martin Wiggins, Managing Director

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