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Another day, another country

brandformula updatesMartin

As the sun rose on another day in the City, part of the team were travelling further afield today with a longer commute than normal... Boston, for Sibos 2014.

As well as the glamour of international travel - well that is what we keep telling them - the projects at Sibos are more than just a world apart for the team. Getting to grips with the differences of local customs and procedures are key to the successful and stress-free delivery for both the team and the client. Adding to this in the USA is working with the local union labour and making that integrate well with our own team.  Preparation and planning is key, especially with the scale of the projects and and the limited time to get the event ready for the opening on Sunday.

Quality of the build as well as the innovation of the design are key factors of stands for those attending Sibos, so we are looking forward to seeing what other materials and innovations are being used as companies from around the world head for the Boston Convention Center.

More news to follow, but I hope your commute was quicker than ours today!

photo credit: scyrene via photopin cc