Ve-nice and quiet


The city of Venice is considering a ban on "noisy" wheeled suitcases amid concerns they are keeping locals awake at night.

With Venice set to host the Ferma Forum 2015, this will be something to bear in mind next October.

Officials want visitors to ditch the bags or switch to "noiseless" alternatives with wheels that are filled with air or liquid in an attempt to minimise the noise but also to protect the city's ancient streets.

Venice is one of Italy's major visitor attractions, with 27 million people flocking there each year.

The Venetian council's website states that the plan has been drawn up to appease the city's residents.

"The rule is designed to respond to the numerous citizens who have in recent years complained to the local council about the serious irritation caused by stuff being moved about at times of the day and night," it said.

But one hotel manager told the BBC he thought the ban was not workable and blames the city's pavements rather than the suitcases.

If introduced, anyone flouting the proposed rule would be liable to a fine of up to 500 euros (£396), according to AFP news agency - so beware next year!

photo credit: wfbakker2