The team are back in the UK this morning after a trip to Boston in preparation for Sibos later this year and with the jet lag, they seem rather quieter than normal, best give them more extra strong coffee!

Here are a few of their thoughts about the trip for those that are attending in September.

Remember that there are 2 exhibition centres in Boston. Get the wrong one and the taxi fare will be huge!

Think of staying at the Westin next to the venue, it has a walkway between the hotel and the venue, so no excuses for being late on stand!

Be mindful of the design and materials for your stand. Whilst the organisers are trying to keep the impact of the unionised labour rules to a minimum, it will add cost and constraint to what you can do. Plan ahead to avoid cost over spend.

Given the views within the venue of the exhibition hall, consider dressing the top of your stand and watch for the huge columns that hold the ceiling up, they will certainly impact on sight lines and what you can do if you are near or next to one.

Take time to relax when you're here, enjoy the bars and the seafood if you can, it is great. And if you love your sport, there will be plenty going on in September.

If you have any other thoughts or comments around Sibos and Boston, let us know. photo credit: Matt McGee via photopin cc