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It's all about the awards!

Blog, Designadmin
It's all about the awards!

As another sunny (hopefully) week begins, I am sitting at my desk with award ceremonies on my mind.

On the one side, am looking back to the inaugural Insurance Marketing & PR Awards, which made its debut just over a week ago. On the other, I’m looking forward to this week, when the insurance industry celebrates one of its biggies, The British Insurance Awards, and we also get to celebrate one of our other financial sector specialities when Investment Week presents their Fund Manager of the Year Awards, also being hosted at the Royal Albert Hall on the following night. Then, later in the year, we are proud to now be helping Legal Week Magazine with their own British Legal Awards.

Apart from the slight concern on behalf of my liver & kidneys that it’ll be two nights back to back at the events next week, it does serve as a reminder of the high professional standards the sectors we support strive to achieve and the pride that is rightly felt by those that ultimately gain recognition. The cynics amongst us are often quick to play down their importance, but for me, when I see the pride of those receiving awards and whoops of delight from their colleagues in the room, it fills me with a professional privilege that we get to work with a group of clients and people within them that care passionately about their businesses and strive every day to be the best of themselves.


We are proud to support them, love the diversity of designs we have created, congratulate all the winners and give an equal call to all of those entering for being proud of what they work hard to achieve.

Here’s a small reminder of the IPMRAs - you can even play Spot the Team!