FERMA 2015: Things you need to know


Well, after a hard few days in Venice – well that is what they told us to say, the Team have returned to the office full of enthusiasm and a degree of concern for the FERMA Forum in 2015. A few things to consider, or worry about depending on your point of view –

  • Mobile Phone Coverage. Be mindful that it isn’t consistent and varies quite a lot! You can have coverage one moment...and a step away you are in a ‘hole’.
  • Costs. With everything from hotels to food, Venice is expensive. So you are warned if you have an event to host or many people attending the Forum.
  • The Vaporetto. Depending upon your view and budget you have a great choice. Try the Public version, but take time to study the Timetable and make sure you get on the correct one. Or opt for a Private one – but take a second mortgage to pay for it!
  • Is it really the best Hot Chocolate in the World? Cafe Florian. What do you think?

If you have any other words of wisdom to share, please let us know and we will keep you updated on our trips to Venice in the coming months.

photo credit: gnuckx via photopin cc