Is content marketing storytelling for the digital age?

Is content marketing storytelling for the digital age?

Once upon a time, marketing was all about printed ads and traditional media... but, as we know, things have changed with content marketing. Traditional advertising no longer holds the same level of power that it used to and businesses are having to adapt, even in the world of financial services.

Nowadays, digital marketing is the way brands are communicating with their audiences. Marketers must become masters of a new form of storytelling… content marketing.

A recent article by Andy Williams at TheEWord suggests digital marketing is more a method of storytelling than we once thought. This eye-opening post encourages us to look up from the screens that we’re often glued to for a moment, and take note of how the digital age is changing the world around us.

study by Booktrust revealed that ‘54% of us would rather browse the internet than read a book’ which may come as no surprise when there are now more mobile devices on the planet than people.

The Booktrust study also revealed that a quarter of people said they would rather surf the internet or go on social media than read, and this figure rises to over half for 18-30 year olds. Many of us have ditched the hardback for screen-based media – 50% of us check our mobiles at least 50 times a day. However, this doesn’t mean storytelling is dead. “Storytelling is a unique human skill shared between people, and is one of our oldest artforms. It brings words and the world to life, stimulates the imagination, and builds a sense of community between tellers and listeners”

– TRAC Scotland

The author, Andy Williams, shares his guidelines for your own brand’s digital storytelling:

  1. Remember that not everyone likes being sold to
  2. Gain visibility in the right places
  3. Understand the customer journey
  4. No content = limited visibility

Your brand's online reputation is now more important than ever. At brandformula, rather than simply creating advertisements, we aim to tell your story with content marketing.

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Read the original article here Published 08 March, 2016 by Andy Williams

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