Brand experience lives long in our memories and it drives many every day, instinctive decisions that we all make on the selection of the products and services that we buy - both at a personal and business level. It is this 'emotional' connection that we make with a product or service, that drives our future selections and preferences. Ultimately, when we connect with a brand we buy into the values and the consistent experiences we expect of that brand. This familiarity builds instinctive brand loyalty.

All business touch points are extensions of your brand, and they will influence clients' 'feelings' for your business. It is therefore vital that anyone coming into contact with a business must 'feel' the same 'one-world' brand experience.

Beyond the obvious of marketing tools of websites, printed matter and digital media; considerations as to how the dressing of a reception area, or meeting rooms, refreshments served - tea, coffee, biscuits, sandwiches, china, etc. are also vitally important extensions of your brand personality.

For this very reason, selection of style, type and your use of other branded products in your business all affect your 'business brand perception' and therefore should all be very carefully considered as to their correctness and relevant alignment to the bigger picture - your brand. This selection must be consistent across the business in all offices; do this and the client experience of the business will be familiar, positive and good - nationwide. Achieving this needs careful initial planning and once implemented, all staff need to be helped to understand the importance of the reasoning, consistency and the ongoing impact it has upon the overall brand - nothing is left to personal preference or happenchance.

photo credit: hoshi7 via photopin