Another day in the brandformula world, but this one is slightly strange even for us! Part of the team – Jonathan, Rob and James, are off preparing for Christmas – not just being overly prepared and thinking about gifts ion advance, but actually staging Christmas now, at the end of June! Working with a client, we will be filming an upcoming series of video clips showing some very interesting combinations of festive food and wine – now that sounds like it will be a tough day! Good luck with that one. Their challenge is to build a snowman out of the fake snow!

The Exhibition Team are at the Alarm Conference in Manchester – (I can't believe they are back there again so soon after Airmic) helping clients engage with the audience and generate new opportunities. The build up was on Sunday and yesterday went very well – so more of the same today!!

Later today, we will be at the Incisive Media e-broking event at Wembley, where Craig will be giving a presentation on how brokers can make the very best of digital and social media to build their business and win new clients. We will let you know more about that later this week…

And finally, everyone here is celebrating the great news of an addition to the bf team – well in the fullness of time perhaps. On Sunday, our Events Director, Lindsay Arnall gave birth to a baby son and she, together with baby and not to forget father Danny are all doing well. Congratulations to the new parents, life will never be the same!


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