Nick Patchitt

And the winners were…

Nick Patchitt
And the winners were…

As this year marches on, so another of its highlights has passed. I’m talking about the Insurance Age annual Brokers Awards gathering.

There are of course grander award events in our calendars and more spectacular gatherings, but ask anyone who attends and they’ll have a real soft spot for this particular one.

Why? Perhaps this is one of those questions that should remain unanswered, for fear of someone then tinkering with what is a winning formula. But for me, the answer is in plain sight.

It’s fundamentally remained unchanged in its history and does the simple things well. Being held on a Friday lunchtime has to be a real plus – what nicer way to end a week! And being in the company of brokers will, by its nature, make it a fun and informal meeting. You’ll rarely find a broker who doesn’t know how to enjoy themselves. But, perhaps its biggest plus is the real desire that those who enter have to win. There is a real diversity of companies celebrated; big and small, London and regional, as well as great range of individuals, who clearly work tirelessly on a daily basis for their businesses and their clients.

Congratulations therefore to Insurance Age for putting on yet another great event and the date is already marked in my diary for 2017!

Congrats also to all of the winners – see the full list here.

Click here to view some photos from the day.



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